Super Double Secret Party Planning Crew

Bridging the gap between the fantastic lives we hope to live and the mundane lives we actually live.

Greg Gioia, Event Planner

In his younger and more vulnerable years, Greg attended U.C. Berkeley. Long on ambition but short on money, he began DJ’ing parties to earn his board and keep. Tuition is expensive, so he branched out into event planning and soon graduated from organizing college parties into creating corporate events. By the time he’d earned his degree, Party Professionals was responsible for about 400 events per year, employed a staff of over 100 event specialists, and had became one of the Bay Area’s most renowned and trusted event planning agencies.

As the shadow of the century grew long, Greg grew tired of creating only other people’s parties, so he began hosting small gatherings of like-minded bons vivants, hoping to spread his appreciation of art deco, classic cocktails, tiki, indie music, and other things vintage and/or under-appreciated, to those around him. His now legendary salons were far ahead of their time, and unexpectedly set the stage for what was to come, but only after a few obstacles were overcome.

On 3 February 2006 Greg closed up shop, and soon thereafter embarked upon the first vacation of his life. And what a vacation it was. He made up for lost years and spent the better part of the next decade exploring the world. His wanderlust sated, he returned to his beloved Bay Area at the end of 2011, ready to create something new from the ashes of his past life.

Through the passage of time, the world was at last ready to embrace his eclectic and eccentric tastes, and no one was better suited to share them than Greg, for he’d spent his entire life accidentally acquiring the skill set needed to create the Super Double Secret Party Planning Crew.